Overview Of True Wireless Stereo (TWS)

TWS - Effortless And Wire Free

TWS, or True Wireless Stereo, is an incredible technology that enables the playback of stereo sound through two separate wireless speakers.  What's remarkable about that, is that using TWS you're essentially pairing to two speakers simultaneously.  Well, kind of.

A Quick Tech Rewind

Let's back up for a sec.  Listening to stereo sound isn't some marvel of modern engineering - it's been around for decades, and with a wired connection, this was pretty easy to achieve.  On our phones or tablets you'd plug in a stereo connector into the headphone jack (if you, ehm, still have one) and from there the cable splits, so one half goes to the left speaker, and the other goes to the right.

But how do this wirelessly?  Your phone or tablet doesn't let you pair to two independent powered speakers at the same time?


True Wireless Stereo

This is where TWS comes in!  With TWS, your phone pairs with one of the speakers, and then that speaker relays the sound to the second speaker.

Here is how TWS works:

  1. first off, in a TWS setup, one speaker will be a Main and the other will be Secondary
  2. then you pair the Main speaker and to the Secondary speaker
  3. next, pair your phone or tablet to the Main speaker
  4. done - your Main and Secondary speakers have now become left and right speakers connected wirelessly through TWS


Time To Party

Once paired, go ahead and play audio from your phone or tablet.  Your speakers will play together as two separate channels.  No wires, no tangles, totally effortless.  We think that's pretty slick, but we, you know, like to geek-out over stuff like this.


TWS In Foniq Speakers

We built TWS into Foniq Apollo, Duo, and Solo, BUT (yeah, there is one "but"), Duo already uses TWS to connect each half to the other.  Because Duo™ splits completely into wireless 2 speakers, you end up using the TWS magic to make it work and have no TWS connectivity to make additional connections. This means that if you have a Foniq Duo™ you will not be able to connect it to another Duo™.

The good news is that with TWS you can connect:

  • Foniq Apollo™ with another Apollo™
  • Foniq Solo™ with another Solo™


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